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Company Profile

Company Profile
Chip1 cloud powered by VAST STOCK CO., LIMITED, is created in a mission to improve the purchasing efficiency and quality control management for buyers from all over the world.   Chip1Cloud is a partner in customer electronic system design and application of electronic technology. From living electric shuttles to industrial control, from traditional shuttlecock selection to customized system integration, we provide a wide range of product systems, which can provide you with a single product to customize solutions for industrial applications. Our success is based on innovative products, accurate positioning on market and customer , logistic efficiency , experienced team and high quality awareness.

Development Ideas

As our customer, you are the main focus of our thoughts and actions. Our "stay connected" concept was established. To this end, Chip1Cloud has fully considered the market demand for products, performance, price, quality, logistics and services when positioning itself. We have taken a number of innovative and flexible measures for the coordination of these factors. This positioning incorporates a cooperative management culture, a flat organizational structure and a short decision-making route. Chip1Cloud is a business center in the Asia Pacific region – we adhere to the value concept of close contact. Distribution of service bases in Germany, United States, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. We accept your comments and suggestions with a full, sincere and open mind.

Primary customers

Development History

1999Founded in HongKong
2002Germany subsidiary established
2003The first agent product line is signed
2006The Shinkawa New Energy Factory was established
2012The company's overall turnover exceeded 100 million US dollar
2016Introduction of strategic investment by  Shenzhen SASAC
2018Prepare to go public stock in package with the factory

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